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Online Film Festival
25.03.2024 – 28.04.2024

Dreams: Online Film Festival compiles the work of 40 visual artists under the topic of Dreams, accessible on demand for 5 weeks on Home Cinema!

Dreams are often experienced as cinematic journeys, where the unconscious is given expression in fantastical ways. These experiences may contain mysterious juxtapositions of displaced subjects and objects, generate doubling, multiplying selves, mirror images, metamorphosis, bodily disintegration, and stretched, expanded, or zoomed realities. Dreams are composed of discontinuous narratives and fragmented projections that draw landscapes of possibility. Within the architecture of the dream, the past, present, and future converge in a different time and space.

Night Fuel

"Yes, look in the mirror. What do you see? Is it a dream, or a nightmare? Are we being introduced against our will? Are they mirrors? I can see the smoke. I can smell the fire. The battle is drawing nigh."

A body distorts while dancing on a pole, fueled by an intelligence other than our own. Days and nights loop in shared stories of platonic and erotic love through space and time. A group of young boys walk alone in a post-apocalyptic scenario, their journey ending in the depths of Earth. A zombie haunts the Galician coast in a celebration of friendship, both tender and horrific. An unlikely encounter takes place in a near-future. A sulfur miner has visions on a newborn volcanic island, and a child with limitless imagination flirts with dangerous fantasies without leaving her room.

Pude ver un puma

Eduardo Williams

18 min • ES with ENG sub

Como si fuera viento [As if it Were Wind]

Alex Reynolds

25 min • ES with ENG sub


christopher tym

7:12 min


Giulia Jiménez

7 min

G3t A P0le 2 G3t 2 G0d - XoXo

Francesca Miazzi

15 min

Sonzai Zone

Liminal Vision

20:27 min

Can you leave the door open?

Maïa Taïeb

4 min


They never learn
They never learn”

Somewhere, in a room, it seems like somebody is about to fight, but they never get to that. Two women, younger and older, talk about the transitional nature of femininity under the sun. A child watches TV alone at home and confuses themself with the characters. On a holiday pool on a faraway Greek Island at 2 am, a woman muses on what it is to fall. Someone wants to appear in your dream tonight. A group of people perform a series of experimental exercises together. A crime thriller unfolds without a crime.

Out Lookers

Verena Blok

7:26 min

Deux Soeurs Qui Ne Sont Pas Soeurs

Beatrice Gibson

21:55 min

Deeply, Madly

Helen Anna Flanagan

27:24 min

Droopy Rose

Theresa Büchner

12:30 min

The Dispute

Giulio Squillacciotti

1:15 min

‘If you are reading this, get ready to meet me in your dream TONIGHT’

Sam Keogh

6:52 min

Affective Dynamics Study Group

Dylan Spencer-Davidson

9 min

Walking on a Dream

"In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream."

A car drives at night, we hear someone talking. On another road, also at night, an unnamed protagonist with an unknown destination embarks on a dreamlike journey that gradually grows more surreal. Someone goes through endless security checks, turnstiles, and stairs while a cover of "Losing My Religion" plays. A motorcyclist drives towards the sunrise. A road accident is suspended in time. Backgrounds become main characters when the viewer walks through animated vacant spaces. A tennis player, an entrepreneur, and a yoga mom drive in a Tesla filled with cabbages. Walking on a street, everyone in the video stares at something outside of the frame.


Joachim Schoones

1:07 min


Rustan Söderling

16:57 min

Losing My Religion


4:26 min

Southern Bypass: 5.49 — 6am

christopher tym

11 min

Still Here

Anna Tamm

2:50 min

Silence lay steadily against the wood and stone

Feline Hjermind

7:57 min

You are light and cabbage

Diana Gheorghiu

5:55 min

Iza Noticing Something

Anna Theunissen

3:31 min

Dream Sequencer

“Still, if you dream of me, you can just as easily dream of your calculator.”

An animated collage of influencers' body parts showcases how they get ready for the day. A story about online friendship and community is told through images found in the depths of the internet. Suspense, flirtation, deception, and disappearance are suggested in a pastiche of the noir genre. A 3D-generated interdimensional diary breaks the constraints of time and language toward the inner mystery of the synthetic self. Both the desire for knowledge and the urge to maintain ignorance influence the course of a story of cutout characters. A human figure falls in a short meditation on interpersonal synchronization. Plush toys embark on a psychedelic journey at the beach, and a soft-core science fiction story unfolds in pencil strokes.


Mark Leckey

5 min

Room Tone

Bob Demper

1 min

The Horizon Plays Itself Back Into Being

Collette Rayner

6 min

Beep (Piep) Beep (Piep) Buzz (Zoem) Beep (Piep) Buzz (Zoem)

Marnix van Uum

20 min


Roberto Romano

13 min


Tina Bastajian and Anne van Es

6 min

The Internet of Friends

Leith Benkhedda

22 min


Manuel Boden

25 min


Clàudia del Barrio

15 min


“In the land of my dreams...”

We traverse rivers and mountains in search of tranquility and a clearer understanding of ourselves. We find ourselves in the forest near Taipei, wandering without a specific destination. We see through the eyes of the magpie, imagining possible futures in the nighttime wilderness. A rock speaks to us from a cave. Two snails slowly unveil their love in a park. In a desolate garden center, a figure wanders the aisles of saplings, stumbling upon a long-forgotten rock deity.

Meditation On A Landscape

Thomas Vancoppenolle

30 min

Interspecies Architecture

Mauricio Freyre

13 min

Delirious Dream

Pam Virada

1 min

Ruin of a Fiction

Giovanni Giaretta

10 min

Love is Slow

Lon van den Berg & Arif Kornweitz

1 min

Super Gairdín

Cóilín O'Connell & Michelle Doyle

25 min